Welcome to caverns store

Caverns.cc is perfect place to come chill and play our perfectly modded servers has lots of features and great balance we have spend hundreds of hours to develop each server to make them perfect we have lots of custom features that we have developed but now we need your help, Developing servers is free but unfortunately hosting is not so we need your help to make our little gaming community bigger and help us expand

What we mean when we say "Perfectly modded"?

It means that our servers has lots of custom plugins/features and everying has been fully customized to fit our theme for example all chat messages in our rust servers has our server logo in each message and color theme is always same no color spam anywhere

Where does donations go?

All donations goes towards maintaining our servers and to develop new servers

Is there any other payment methods?

yes, you can contact us in discord with ticket in #Tickets channel Currently we accept: paysafecards and steam items/skins

How long it takes to order become active?

All order should come active within 15 minutes if not you have to contact us in discord with ticket in #Tickets channel

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